Dodge City Roundup Bounty Bull Program Supports Injured Rodeo Athletes

Doc Trotter with the Dodge City Roundup wanted to find a way to support injured rodeo athletes through the
Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund and about 12 year ago the Bounty Bull Program was born. Initially Doc Trotter found
five doctors who would put up $500 on the bounty bull. If it was a qualified ride then the doctor gave the money
to the JCCF. The program has expanded to nine rides and some non-physician participation.
If the ride is not covered the money goes on the finals ride. There is often have as much as $2000 on the finals, even if the cowboy does not have a qualified ride the sponsors donate anyway. It has been a great way for sponsors to get name recognition at a time when the announcer has the full attention of the crowd. The 2016 donation from the program was $4000 making total donations to JCCF nearly $50,000!
This year’s Bounty Bull sponsors: Dr.’s RC Trotter, Jeremy Presley, Tanya Williams, Merrill Conant, Samantha Algrin, Chris Miller, and James Moffitt and Dr. Phillips a Chiropractor, and Frontier Kia Motors.
Dr. Trotter stated: “We are so thankful for all of the sponsors of the program in allowing us to contribute substantially to the JCCF through the years, supporting injured rodeo athletes and their families is a cause near and
dear to our heart.”

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