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The nature, duration and success of your involvement with or your contribution to the sport of rodeo


The nature and severity of your injury


Your ability to do work other than rodeo to support you and/or your family


The extent to which you have other means of support


Your current assets and liabilities


The Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund was created to provide need based financial assistance to rodeo professionals injured through their participation in the sport. Assistance is not retroactive and if you qualify for assistance, it will be awarded based on the date of your application, not your injury.  Additionally, the JCCF is designed to help individuals and their families through a crisis situation and the maximum period of assistance is 12 months. It is an extensive review process and it may take a period of time to evaluate your application. You will be contacted when the process is complete. The fund does not cover medical bills but assists with basic monthly living expenses for those who qualify.  

Your case will not be reviewed until we receive the fully completed application, a statement from your doctor, a statement from you outlining your needs and information regarding other assistance you may be receiving.  The statement from your doctor needs to state how the injury occurred, if surgery was required, the treatment of the injury, the prognosis for recovery, and the time required until you can return to work and/or rodeo.  If you applied to another organization for assistance, JCCF will not process your application until the other organization(s) review your case and make a final decision.  The fund is in regular contact with other groups that provide assistance. 

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