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JCCF Mission Statement:
To provide need-based financial assistance to athletes injured through their participation in professional rodeo.

Because of the generosity of Justin Boots, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assoc., and together with our Partners at the Justin Sportsmedicine Team, we are committed to supporting today’s professional rodeo athletes.

With no guaranteed salaries or injured reserve provisions in the sport of rodeo, these professional athletes are often left with no place to turn when faced with serious, sidelining injuries and the accompanying financial hardship. Recognizing that serious injuries can be traumatic enough without the additional burden of financial worries, the Justin Boot Company formed a partnership with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA)  to establish the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund (JCCF). The Fund, incorporated in 1990, was granted 501-C3 status as a non-profit charity organization in 1991.

The JCCF lends a helping hand to professional rodeo athletes and their families in the event of serious injuries resulting from professional rodeo activities and fills the void of financial hardship when the inevitable serious injury interferes with the careers of those who have dedicated their lives to the sport.

  • You DO NOT have to be a PRCA/WPRA member to receive assistance.

  • JCCF had awarded nearly $9.5 million in need-based financial assistance to almost 1,350+ injured rodeo athletes and their families.

  • 100% of all proceeds go to the JCCF

Assistance awards are based on the severity of injury, the number of dependents and the applicant’s financial situation. The Fund also takes into consideration the individual’s involvement in and/or contribution to the sport of professional rodeo.

Unique among today’s numerous charitable organizations, the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund stands above the rest by dedicating 100% (+) of all contributions received for disbursement to eligible applicants. This uncommon practice for a charitable organization is made possible by the joint commitment of the Justin Boot Company and the PRCA, which underwrite all administrative costs associated with managing the JCCF, leaving all monies received through contributions (and as investment earnings) to serve their intended purpose.

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Current Board Members:

John Sweeney | Executive Vice President and General Manager of Justin Brands
Tom Glause | PRCA CEO 
Tom Feller | Director, Event Marketing, Justin Brands
Bryan McDonald | PRCA Contestant Representative
Mike Rich | Justin Sportsmedicine Team
Pam McManus | CFO, PRCA
Larry Stacy | Reno Rodeo
Don Andrews | MSMS
Jimmie Munroe | WPRA Representative
Dale Woodard | PRCA Contestant Representative

Patrick Gottsch | The Cowboy Channel / Rural Media Group

Pam Minick | Board Member
William Singer, MD | Board Member 

General Manager
Julie Jutten

Emeritus Board Members:
Walt Garrison | Former Dallas Cowboy
Nolan Ryan
| Professional Baseball Hall of Famer

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